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Know whats going on at home: Total Connect

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? If you have a laptop, smartphone, or any web-enabled device, you’ve got everything you need to look in on your home, family, or business.

Total Connect – Energy and Automation Management

Remote Look-in:

Total Connect Video Services in MD let you effortlessly look in on any location via laptops, PCs, and compatible mobile devices whether you’re across the country or across the world. Our home security system in Maryland will allow you to always keep an eye on your belongings

Custom Video Alerts:

Customize recording settings based on video motion detection or schedules. Choose the events you’d like to record.

Viewing Video:

View live streaming video, record and store video clips, take snapshots or have pictures e-mailed to you upon an event.

Mobile App:

View cameras on an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android.

Real-Time Alerts:

Specify the exact events you want to know about and when they occur, our Baltimore Security Company will send you e-mails, text messages, or video alerts in real-time. Checking on the kids is as easy as checking your e-mail.

Remote Keypad:

Total Connects remote keypad feature works just like a security system keypad-letting you access and operate your system remotely from anywhere in the world when using your smartphone and other compatible wireless handheld devices. It’s never been easier to stay in the know and stay in control.

Stay connected and in control of your home with Honeywell Total Connect remote services wherever you are and at any time. The home automation systems work with a PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Free apps are available.

Total Connect Devices

Energy Management System:

Save money on your home energy bills with mobile apps to make adjustments anytime to pghts or thermostats.

Remote Door Locking System:

Are you a busy person and always on the go? Discover peace of mind and be safer by instalpng modules that can securely lock and unlock doors, including garage doors using smart mobile devices.

Interactive Security System:

Minimize false alarms and improve your security by combining the burglar alarm, the house pghts, and video surveillance.
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