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What Are the Costs of a Key Card Entry System and Is It Worth It?

The implementation of a key card entry system is an essential aspect of modern-day security, offering businesses and homeowners alike a reliable layer of protection against unwanted access. But before making the decision to invest in a key card entry security system, it is important to understand the associated costs and determine if they are worth the investment.

This article will provide an in-depth look at the costs of a key card entry system and whether the advantages are worth the investment. Read on to discover an authoritative, informative, and comprehensive overview of the costs of key card entry systems and the advantages and disadvantages of such a system.

What is a Key Card Entry System?

Key card entry systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential properties alike. But what exactly is a key card entry system? Essentially, it is an electronic lock that requires the use of a key card to gain access. Key cards can be programmed to allow access only during certain times or days, making them ideal for businesses with varying employee schedules or for homeowners who want to ensure the security of their property.

One of the biggest questions surrounding key card entry systems is cost. While it’s true that these systems can be more expensive than traditional locks, they offer many benefits that make them worth considering. For example, key cards can easily be deactivated if lost or stolen, eliminating the need for costly rekeying. Additionally, the ability to track who enters and exits your property can provide valuable insights into employee or tenant behavior and help deter potential criminal activity.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of A Key Card Entry System? 

Although key card entry systems offer many advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the cost, as these systems can be more expensive than traditional locks. Additionally, key cards may be more vulnerable to tampering or hacking than other lock systems, as they are typically connected to an electronic network. Lastly, key cards may be inconvenient for some users, as they require a physical card or key fob to access the system.

Overall, key card entry systems can be a great option for many businesses, offering a level of security and convenience that traditional locks can’t match. For businesses looking to increase their security and control access to their property, key card entry systems are definitely worth considering.

What are the Components of an Access Control System?

An access control system helps control who can get into a building or room. It helps prevent unauthorized access or identity theft. 

In a residential setting, an access control system is typically set up in larger buildings, such as apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, etc. The system in these types of buildings is often controlled with access cards and sometimes key fobs. 

For smaller buildings, such as homes, access control is less predominant. Due to the cost and size of the building, it is typically not necessary. That said, getting an access control system in smaller buildings can be beneficial. A homeowner might want to set up an access control system to tighten up security. (check also what are the best diy home security systems here) 

In a residential setting, access control will usually consist of an access control system, an access control reader, and a keypad or keyfob

      • An access control system: The access control system is responsible for granting and denying access.

        • An access control reader: The access control reader can be paired with the access control system. The reader is typically installed near the door.

          • A keypad or keyfob: The keypad or keyfob is the little device held by people when they check in.

        What Types of Access Control Systems are Available and How do They Affect The Cost?

        The three main types of access control systems are electronic, mechanical, or biometric. Access control systems electronically restrict people from entering a building based on what they present: fingerprint, iris, hand geometry, vein pattern recognition, or DNA.

        Mechanical access control systems control access through physical barriers such as a lock and key, a switch, or a coded entry system. Key and key card systems are the most common form of mechanical access, used in everything from homes to businesses.

        A biometric access control system analyzes a human body, such as fingerprints, facial patterns, hand geometry, iris recognition, and voice recognition. Fingerprint biometric systems are the most common type of system, and most time, they’re hooked up to security alarm systems for added protection(check here to understand more about fire alarm system cost). The cost of an access control system depends on the type of system chosen, the complexity of the system, and the size of the property. Electronic systems typically cost more than mechanical systems, and biometric systems are usually the most expensive.

        Overall, the cost of an access control system will depend on the type of system chosen and the scope of the project. When it comes to denying access to a building, fingerprint, iris, or voice biometrics are the most secure, but they tend to be more expensive than other types of access control systems. Mechanical systems, such as key and key card systems, are less expensive but offer limited security. It is important to weigh the cost of the system against the security it provides to determine the best solution for a particular property.

        Here’s what you can expect to pay if you decide to install key card entry systems in your home:

        Costs: You can get a basic system installed for $200-$300, but that usually consists of a single keypad and card reader. If you want something with additional features, such as multiple card readers and keypads, you’re looking at a price tag of $500-$700.

        If you want home automation capabilities, expect to pay around $100 more.

        Here’s a quick breakdown of additional features you might want on your keypad:

            • Keypad Location: Do you want the keypad to be located near the front door? Or do you want it near the door leading to your garage?( check here on how to secure your garage door)

              • Keypad appearance: Do you want the keypad to be flush with your door? Or do you have it recessed? This can change the installation price.

                • Number of Keypads: Do you want multiple keypads in different locations? That will increase the access control system cost.

                  • A number of Card Readers: Do you want to have multiple card readers that can be used to access different areas of your home? That will increase the installation cost.

                  • Additional Features: Do you want your keypad to have additional features such as a panic button, or a camera for extra security? That will increase the installation cost.

                Access Control Solutions: Biometric Access Control or Door Access Control System

                Security professionals can work with you to find the right access control system for you, whether you’re looking for biometric access control, door access control, or both.

                Biometric Access Control is a popular access control method that uses fingerprints, voice recognition, eye scans, and more to identify people. It’s more expensive and can be unreliable due to fingerprints and body parts drying out, but it’s a popular choice among high-security applications and in government environments. Biometric access control systems can also be used for keyless entry, meaning people can use a card or key fob to gain access rather than having to physically push a buzzer or swipe a card.

                Door Access Control Systems are more straightforward than biometric access control systems. Instead of using a fingerprint, voice recognition, or eye scan, these systems identify people by their proximity. Imagine waving a key fob over a card reader like you would at a hotel. The device checks the proximity of the fob, then grants or denies access appropriately. This type of access control system is usually reserved for low-security applications, such as apartment buildings or small businesses.

                Smartphone Access Control Systems: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits

                Many people are starting to use smartphone access control systems. These allow individuals to control access to certain areas of their property, whether it be their work or their home. Some people even use them for access control in their gym. They are easy to set up (it takes only a couple of minutes) and anyone can pick them up and start using them with no problem.

                Yet, it is important to remember that a smartphone access control system is not a security system. On the other hand, a smartphone access control system can complement your security system. Even though many people use their smartphones, some people may not. A smartphone access control system keeps everyone happy because it doesn’t require that people have a smartphone. This means that family members and friends who are older or who do not want to use an app can still be let into the premises.

                Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of using a smartphone access control system…


                Smartphone access control systems cost a lot less than traditional access control systems. This makes them more affordable and accessible to all budgets.

                Easy to use

                Setting up a smartphone access control system is easy for everyone, even those with no experience in setting up systems. It takes less than 2 minutes to set it up and you can do it on the go.


                You don’t have to be in a connected area to set it up. As long as you have a smartphone, you can set up a smartphone access control system. It even works on non-connected smartphones.

                Limited Access

                Once you have set up your smartphone access control system, you will be able to control who enters your property. You can decide to allow certain people in at certain times of the day. For example, if you only want to allow certain people into your home when you are working, you can do so with ease.


                As long as your smartphone is with you, your smartphone access control system works. As long as your phone is connected to the internet, your smartphone access control system works.

                One-Time Setup

                Most smartphone access control systems only take a few minutes to set up. Once it is set up, you can forget about it. It will work without asking any questions.

                A smartphone access control system can be an important part of your security system. If you like your smartphone access control system, you can always add it to your security system in the future. One of the best things about smartphone access control systems is that they don’t cost a lot of money. They cost nearly nothing and the work that you put into setting them up is minimal. This means that you won’t spend a fortune automating your home.


                It is evident that a key card entry system is a great way to secure your property. Not only does it provide a secure way to control access to your property, but it also helps to reduce the costs associated with security personnel and manual locks. The cost of a key card entry system depends on the level of security you need, but it is usually worth it in the long run.

                If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective, access control system installation in Maryland and a secure way to control access to your property, then Go Safer Security is a great solution for you. Our key card entry systems provide secure access control, reduce the costs associated with manual locks, and are easy to install and use. Contact us today to find out how our key card entry systems can help secure your property.


                When considering whether a Door Access Control System is worth the investment, it’s important to look at the costs of access control hardware, access control system costs, and the number of access points. In general, access control systems can be an efficient and cost-effective way to secure your premises, as they provide an extra layer of security for your business.

                With increased control over who has access to your property, you can be sure that only the people who should have access actually do. Furthermore, access control systems can save you time and money by reducing the need for manual security checks. Ultimately, the investment in an access control system may be worth it if you need the extra control and security it provides.

                Choosing the right access control system for your needs depends on many factors. When considering access control pricing, monthly service fees, and key fob systems, make sure to do your research. Real-life facts are important when selecting an access control system.

                Consider the key features, security protocols, and installation requirements that each system offers. Additionally, look into the monthly service fees associated with the upkeep and maintenance of the system.

                Lastly, decide if a key fob system is the best option for your needs. With a key fob system, you can easily control and monitor access to your property. Keep in mind that choosing the right access control system for your needs can make a huge difference in the security of your property.

                The number of doors your access control system should cover depends on the cost per door, the size of the building, and the level of security you are looking for. When considering an access system, it is important to think about an integrated security system that covers all of the doors in the building.

                This will ensure a complete, cost-effective security system that meets your needs. Depending on the size of the building and the number of doors, the cost per door can vary significantly. A larger building with many doors may require a more sophisticated system with a higher cost per door. However, a small building with fewer doors may require a simpler system with a lower cost per door.

                The best way to integrate a key card entry system with Z-Wave or HomeKit is to use a Z-Wave or HomeKit-compatible smart lock. Smart locks allow you to control access to your home or business using a key card, as well as remotely manage access from your smart phone or other compatible device. This gives you the convenience of being able to control access to your property without having to physically be present. Additionally, these locks can be integrated with other Z-Wave or HomeKit products, such as thermostats, lighting, and security cameras, to create a comprehensive, automated security system. With this type of setup, you can be sure that your property is secure and that only authorized personnel have access.

                This is a common misconception among people. While a key card system can add an extra layer of security to your office, it cannot guarantee complete protection against theft or intrusion.

                The purpose of a key card system is to control access to a building, and not necessarily monitor activities inside. This is where the best security cameras come in. They provide a visual record of everything that happens in a specific room or area, which can prove useful when investigating incidents such as theft, accidents, or damages. Furthermore, security cameras can also work in tandem with your key card system to enhance the security of your premises.

                By integrating these two technologies, you can further improve your security measures and ensure that your property is safe from any threats.

                If you own a construction sites, you can check our post for the best security cameras on our post here.

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