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Flex IO
Security Sensor for Asset Monitoring

Secure your belongings with Flex IO

Wireless, weatherproof, and equipped with cellular capabilities, Flex IO operates with virtually limitless range and can be seamlessly installed on various assets, from tools and machinery to warehouses and storage.

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Flex IO
Security Sensor for Asset Monitoring

Flex IO

The device is designed to operate wirelessly, which implies flexibility in installation and placement.

Flex IO is designed to provide real-time alerts for crucial activities. This implies that it’s not just a passive monitoring device but actively notifies users of events or conditions that require attention.

virtually limitless range

Flex IO

Monitor assets across considerable distances

The mention of deployment “across multiple business sites spanning considerable distances” indicates that Flex IO can be used for enterprise-level monitoring, potentially providing centralized control and monitoring for businesses with distributed operations

Flex IO
Flex IO

Detect, Compatible & Power

Detect magnetic

Detect open/close using magnetic reed switch

Detect third-party

Detect state change for third-party device using Loop Input


Compatible with AT&T Cellular LTE Network


Functions with either DC-wired power or battery power.

Magnet Dimensions

1 x 0.68 x 0.87" (7.9 x 1.7 x 2.2 cm)

Power Requirements

6 to 15 VDC supply. Minimum 1 A.

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