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Short Codes

Short Codes

A memorable number that people can easily recall

What are the advantages of selecting a short code?

A short code provides a specialized range of enterprise solutions designed for bulk Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging.

Short code messaging is not a one-size-fits-all solution due to its enterprise focus and higher costs. It's advisable to consider short code messaging for your business if you require any of the following:

  1. A 4-6 digit easily memorable mobile number.
  2. High-speed delivery for time-sensitive messages.
  3. The capability to send or receive over 150,000 SMS messages per day.
Short Codes
Short Codes

Exclusive vs. Shared Short Codes

Previously, businesses had the choice between opting for a dedicated or shared short code. Shared short codes allowed businesses to leverage the advantages of a short code at a more affordable cost. However, American carriers have completely phased out shared short codes as of June 1, 2021, in an effort to combat spam and fraud. Consequently, dedicated short codes are now the sole option for businesses seeking to harness the full capabilities of bulk SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions


What factors contribute to the high cost of short codes?

A toll-free number comprises 8 digits, while a 10DLC number spans 10 digits, providing a greater array of number combinations. Short codes, being shorter and thus rarer, are associated with limited combinations. Moreover, carriers have established exclusive entry requirements for short codes, elevating their cost. Given the capability of short codes for high-speed and high-volume messaging, the approval process is notably protracted, with carriers rigorously scrutinizing their appropriate usage.


What is the typical registration timeline for a short code?

Registering a standard short code generally involves a 6-8 week timeframe for the registration process. Given that short codes enable businesses to send an unrestricted volume of messages at the highest throughputs, carriers require this time to ensure the appropriate and legitimate usage of your number.


What is the minimum lease duration for a dedicated short code?

Due to the initial set-up cost, it’s recommended that you keep your short code for at least a year to get a gauge on how successful it is to your business or organization. That being said, the minimum requirement would be one month.

Do keywords work with short codes?

Indeed, all dedicated numbers, including short codes, have the capability to process keywords. In fact, short codes are the preferred number type when there's a need to count a substantial number of responses. Prompts to text-in with a specific keyword are commonly used in large-scale events like America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars, for disaster relief funds, and during political campaigns.




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