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Toll free Numbers

Exclusive Toll-free Numbers

Exclusive toll-free numbers are designated phone numbers, usually 10 digits in length, that allow callers to reach a business or organization without incurring any charges for the call. Unlike standard or shared toll-free numbers, an exclusive toll-free number is dedicated solely to a single entity or business.

What are the reasons for selecting a dedicated toll-free number?

An A2P toll-free number represents a beneficial hybrid solution bridging the gap between a 10DLC and a short code.

A2P toll-free numbers offer a cost-effective solution for nationwide campaigns compared to short codes. They also excel in not favoring any specific state, addressing a limitation of 10DLC numbers.

Toll free Numbers
Toll free Numbers
Integrate A2P messaging with an existing toll-free number.

Initiating a toll-free number is a straightforward process, particularly if your business already possesses one.

The process of transferring your current voice-only toll-free number to enable A2P messaging is a swift and straightforward one. Just reach out to us to make your request, and we’ll assist in upgrading your number to include A2P messaging capabilities. This way, you can expand your reach using an existing number that your customers already trust.

Toll-free Number FAQ

During the 14-day trial period, every Burst SMS account is provided with a complimentary dedicated toll-free number. This implies that if you’re satisfied with the number you’ve been assigned, you won’t need to wait for 10DLC or short code approval. In case you’re not content with your assigned toll-free number, you can request to change it before your billing cycle commences.


Just as finding a “.com” extension for a website can be challenging, not many SMS providers offer 1-800 extensions. However, we do provide a range of options, including 1-888, 1-866, and 1-877 numbers for you to select from. If you require a different type of toll-free number, you can make a request, and we will accommodate your needs.


Even for an experienced sender who meticulously adheres to spam compliance guidelines, you can’t always predict the nature of the replies you’ll receive. It’s crucial to actively manage any negative responses from message recipients to prevent your number from potentially being flagged. While toll-free numbers can be used for sending various message types, carriers typically favor the following categories of messages:

  • Account balance, activity, fraud, and billing alerts
  • Order status and dispatch notifications
  • Emergency communications
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Scheduling, meetings, and internal communications
  • Two-factor authentication

Toll-free numbers are relatively more accessible, which may lead some individuals to misuse them. Carriers are cognizant of this and may block a toll-free number when they detect suspicious activity. However, this shouldn’t pose a concern for experienced senders who diligently adhere to local spam compliance regulations.


While toll-free numbers are generally known for being free to receive, they are also associated with unsolicited call centers. Customers may have reservations about receiving messages from these numbers due to the negative reputation often associated with them in their phone settings.




Dedicated Toll-Free Numbers


Establish a strong mobile brand identity with a dedicated virtual number.



Dedicated Short Codes


Strengthen your mobile brand identity with a unique short code.



Shared vs Dedicated Numbers


Gain insight into the distinctions between shared and dedicated virtual numbers.

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