Cancellation Policy

  • Date
  • Service Number
  • Written note expressing desire to cancel
  • Valid Signature

You can send us the form to, either:

We do not charge the penalty when you cancel your agreement during Right of Rescission (ROR) period after the installation. If ROR is expired, you have to pay the outstanding balance in full, unless you transfer your account to alternative candidate who would takeover your agreement and amount. For special cases, such as death, move, and bankruptcy, please contact Go Safer Security representative. We value every customer and we value your circumstances as well. Unexpected things happen. We pay close attention to every case seriously and approach with logics. Before you call, be aware that you will need to go through your situation in detail and in time, fill in specific documentations. Also, know that, your explanation does not always lead to the results you expected, if it not rational and reasonable.