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Transform Your Fleet: Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics & More Connected Fleet Service.

Optimize performance, streamline operations, and drive smarter.

Revolutionize your fleet management with Go Safer Security’s OBD-II Connected Fleet. Take control like never before with real-time insights, remote tracking, and advanced diagnostics at your fingertips. Boost driver safety, cut costs, and optimize performance across your entire fleet. Simplify operations and make informed decisions all from one convenient app. Don’t miss out – get started today and discover the game-changing benefits for yourself. Your fleet’s future is here.

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how it works


Plug or install the Connected Fleet device to the vehicle’s OBD-II port.


Information of driver behavior, vehicle performance, and location is automatically collected to our secure cloud servers.


Monitor harsh driving events, receive engine diagnostics notifications, and track your vehicle’s location in real-time through our web app.



An OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic) device integrates with Alarm.com's platform to provide greater security and insights into how employees are using company vehicles at all times.


Fleet usage, driving behavior, and maintenance reports will give business owners insights to how their resources are being utilized when it comes to their employees and fleet.


Vehicle diagnostics and actionable alerts are sent to the user in order to give the small business owner piece of mind that they aren't missing important information related to their fleet.


A real time dashboard to see exactly where vehicles are at any given time.

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