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Connected Car

Car Connector ADC-3035L-AT

Utilizing’s Car Connector module allows for comprehensive vehicle tracking and monitoring of diverse information transmitted through the OBD II port. This module can capture accelerometer readings during driving, monitor fuel levels, and provide real-time diagnostic alerts, including engine issues. While most cars built after 1996, particularly newer models, can relay data to this module regarding fuel and diagnostics, it’s important to note that Hybrid and Electric cars are not currently supported.

Connected Car Security

Real-Time Alerts and Location Tracking for Enhanced Safety

Connected Car protects your vehicle and its drivers everywhere they go with real-time behavior alerts, vehicle alerts, location tracking and more. Fully integrated with your security system, Connected Car keeps you aware and one step ahead of potential emergencies, no matter who’s driving or where your vehicle is.

Location Tracking

With integrated GPS capabilities, a car monitoring system enables location tracking for your vehicle. This feature is beneficial for both security and convenience, allowing you to know the exact whereabouts of your car at any

Real-Time Safety Alerts

A car monitoring system module provides real-time behavior alerts, allowing you to stay informed about your vehicle’s activity. This includes notifications for unusual driving behavior, potential issues, and other safety-related alerts

Integrated Security

When fully integrated with your security system, a car monitoring module adds an extra layer of protection. It keeps you ahead of potential emergencies by providing alerts and insights into the status of your vehicle, enhancing overall security and peace of mind

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