We offer top of the line surveillance and security solutions, so you can always stay informed about what’s happening around your business property.

Company Policy

At Go Safer Security, we take the safety and security of your home or office seriously. Our company policy reflects our commitment to providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Move Policy

If you remain under your current agreement or if you have been a customer for less than a year, you will be charged a $99 move fee.

If you have been a customer for at least a year and you sign a new agreement for your new residence, the moving fee will be waived.

You are responsible for removal of main control panel, any cameras, key fobs, and appliance modules. For upgraded equipment, a new/replacement panel or cameras, or additional points of protection, Additional charges will apply.

Refer Go Safer Security to the new home owner. You will receive referral credit.

You are responsible for removal of main control panel, any cameras, key fobs, and appliance modules. For upgraded equipment, a new/replacement panel or cameras, or additional points of protection, Additional charges will apply.

Cancellation Policy

» Date
» Service Number
» Written note expressing desire to cancel
» Valid Signature

You can send us the form to, either:

» Email, [email protected]
» Mail, 8349 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707
» Fax, 240-215-3171

We do not charge the penalty when you cancel your agreement during Right of Rescission (ROR) period after the installation. If ROR is expired, you have to pay the outstanding balance in full, unless you transfer your account to alternative candidate who would takeover your agreement and amount. For special cases, such as death, move, and bankruptcy, please contact Go Safer Security representative. We value every customer and we value your circumstances as well. Unexpected things happen. We pay close attention to every case seriously and approach with logics. Before you call, be aware that you will need to go through your situation in detail and in time, fill in specific documentations. Also, know that, your explanation does not always lead to the results you expected, if it not rational and reasonable.

County Permit Requirement

Depending on the county you are residing at, you may need to register your permit for your alarm with your local authorities so that in case of emergency, the regional police can dispatch to your home.

Not having a registered permit may lead to the municipality to impose penalties in relation to false alarms caused by human errors or any other errors. For certain regions, in case the number of false alarm dispatch occurrences goes above the county limit within certain time period (ex. 12 months), your permit can be revoked or suspended and you will not be able to use the service or device that caused the false alarms due to mechanical malfunction.

If you have any questions regarding to this, please contact us or contact your local authority to receive more information regarding the permit requirements.


We greatly appreciate your loyalty and trust in our services. As an esteemed member of our community, we offer you the opportunity to extend the benefits of Go Safer Security to your friends, family, and acquaintances through our referral program.

Under the right circumstances, your referrals can earn you substantial rewards. Upon successfully referring a new customer to Go Safer Security, you will receive a generous $50 reward. This reward will be credited to your account after the referral’s service installation, serving as a token of our gratitude for your support and advocacy.

For details on how to participate and maximize your rewards through our Affiliate Referral Program, please refer to our Affiliate Program page

Thank you for entrusting us with your security needs and for considering Go Safer Security worthy of recommendation to others. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your community with excellence.

Military Policies

If you are a current or formal military personnel, you are eligible for the special benefits. When you are deployed to a place that is out of reach from Go Safer Security, you can terminate your agreement as long as you can provide proof of deployment overseas, proof of relocation to a military base, or proof of relocation to a non-serviceable area.

If you move your home, you will not have activation fee and installation charges and you can waive the $99 move fee.

If you receive a temporary assignment away from your permanent residence, you can defer payment up to 12 months.

Warranty & Repair Plan

Contact Go Safer Security during our business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) as soon as you find the problems in your system.

For Premier Service users, any repair fee will be free.

If you declined Premier Service in agreement, you will have a limited warranty period of Ninety (90) days after the installation date. During this time, any charges will be waived. If initial warranty period is expired, you are responsible for a $50 trip fee and $85 per hour repair fee. The replacement devices we will provide will be either new or used are additional cost.

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