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Indoor Camera

A more intelligent perspective on home.

An intelligent motion-activated camera.

The superior indoor camera utilizes artificial intelligence to identify individuals in a specified area. Safeguard restricted areas in your home, such as a safe or gun cabinet, by customizing a detection zone around the space. Receive alerts only when someone approaches, thanks to the advanced intelligence of the Indoor Camera Pro, ensuring you receive notifications that are truly significant.

Integrated Recording and Playback DVR.

No Wi-Fi? No issue.

Even without Wi-Fi, the Indoor Camera Pro excels at its job, thanks to its built-in recording and Gosafer Playback DVR*—providing uninterrupted recording for up to 10 days. The built-in storage ensures swift clip retrieval and seamless video playback, allowing you to monitor home activities without any buffering delays.

Superior image quality with Night vision

The advanced night vision, expanded field of view, and enhanced image quality of the Indoor Camera Pro result in a sharper image, whether it’s day or night. Encased in a modern, streamlined design with increased flexibility for mounting and placement, you can easily set up the camera in various locations within your home to achieve the desired perspective.

Privacy mode

We get it. You want to stay informed, but having the camera on all the time isn’t ideal. With the Privacy Mode feature on the Indoor Camera Pro, you can safeguard your property when you’re away and ensure your privacy when you’re at home.

We handle all aspects for you.

Our team of home professionals will install your home security system, activate its functions, and provide you with guidance on its usage.

Upgrade indoor camera experience.


Receive critical alerts through intelligent, person-activated recording.


Examine details up close by using pinch-to-zoom within your camera view.

Playback DVR

Benefit from built-in recording, ensuring continuous footage even in the absence of Wi-Fi, providing up to 10 days of uninterrupted 24/7 footage.

Engage in two-way communication.

Stay connected with family members effortlessly, even when you're away, with the simple press of a button.

Identifying individuals

The camera utilizes intelligent person detection, ensuring it records only relevant human activities.

Tailored area

Monitor a designated area with a personalized zone in high-definition, regardless of the lighting conditions, day or night.

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