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Web SMS Service​ Solution

Why Web SMS Service

A web SMS service for VoIP enables the sending and receiving of SMS (text messages) through a web interface integrated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. This service allows users to send and manage text messages from a web-based platform, providing an additional communication channel within the VoIP infrastructure. It offers clients the convenience of sending and receiving SMS via the internet, allowing cost-effective and integrated messaging capabilities.

Web SMS platform ideal solution

Monitor essential metrics on your dashboard, including customer responses, bounce rates, opt-outs, link clicks, and carrier-level DLRs. You can also set message schedules, establish keywords, handle contact management, configure email to SMS, or install the Quick SMS app for even faster message delivery.

Web SMS Service​ Solution

Features of Bulk SMS Gateway


Web-based without installation

Absolutely, there are web-based SMS services that operate without the requirement for any installation. These platforms can be accessed directly through a web browser, allowing you to send text messages without the necessity of downloading or installing any software on your device.


Advanced SMS capabilities

Tailor your SMS campaigns by integrating personalized variables, tracking engagement using our integrated link shortener, setting up SMS keywords and automatic responses, renting virtual numbers, and accessing a range of other features to customize your messaging strategies.


Free trial or complimentary test messages

You can access this feature on the "Send SMS" screen, located directly beneath the text preview. Simply input your number and review the message on your phone before proceeding with a bulk send.

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