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The Importance of Video Surveillance in Childcare Centers: Keep Our Kids Safe

In today’s world, the safety of our children is paramount. We must ensure that childcare centers are secure and that our kids are safe and protected.

One of the best ways to do this is to implement video surveillance in childcare centers. This way, the staff can monitor the children’s activities and have a record of any incidents.

With video camera surveillance, childcare centers can provide a secure environment for our kids, helping to prevent accidents, deter criminal activities, and ensure the safety of our children.

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What is Video Surveillance and Why Is It Important in Childcare Centers?

24/7 surveillance inside childcare centers is important for a wide range of reasons, including:

1. More reliable authentication

When it comes to daycare, children and childcare providers both have the same sleep patterns and break time. This creates opportunities for false accusations and false reporting of incidents.

2. Investigation

Being able to investigate incidents with video recording prompts a higher-quality investigation, including the involved parties.

3. Video Verification

Video verification reassures the involved parties that their claims are being documented.

4. Deficiency Reports

Video verification prevents false deficiency reports and makes administrators aware of signs of abuse before there is a conflict.

5. Adherence to Guidelines

Video recording aids in adhering to administrative guidelines regarding employee interactions and policies. 

6. Employee Monitoring

Video surveillance allows administrators to monitor employees and detect any behaviors that may be inappropriate or dangerous.

7.  Children’s Safety

Video surveillance helps ensure the safety of the children and staff by providing an extra layer of security.

8. Legal Protection

Video surveillance provides administrators with legal protection by providing evidence in the event of a dispute or accusation. 

Types of Video Surveillance Equipment and How it Is Used in Childcare Settings

Quality video cameras are a must-have for all homes, including childcare settings. Whether getting one by subscription or a DIY type of setup, the tech that is used on camera equipment can make all the difference in how the footage is captured.

What a person is looking for from a video surveillance setup (see how to connect dvr and nvr to the internet) is dependent on a number of things and questions that need to be considered to help determine the best camera placement for a given situation, but there are a few things to take into consideration no matter who will be using the setup.

For example, is the camera going to be a DIY type of setup or one that will be linked to a subscription system? A subscription video surveillance setup will have a person’s camera(s) monitored in real-time by a professional 24/7, 365 days a year. This lends a lot of power to the monitoring service that can be put to good use. Also, they are all available online and easy to use with their mobile apps that support iOS and Android.

A do-it-yourself video surveillance camera setup is a one-time purchase, and then a person is responsible for installing the hardware and software and setting everything up. There are varying degrees of this type of setup as it is possible to buy a basic system that runs on Raspberry Pi or even Android devices.

For example, a person could use an Android device, motion sensors, and a light camera link kit. This would be an inexpensive setup that could capture motion and light. With the light camera link kit, a person would essentially have a night security camera that would be able to record video on a 24/7 basis.

The key thing to remember about both DIY subscription and subscription video setups is that there is a lot of control that can be given to the person who has the camera system linked to their service. This control includes being able to put cameras in places that the camera owner might not have been able to before, such as the ceiling.

Besides using basic cameras, there are other options, but a person’s budget and needs will determine which option is best for their own needs.

For example, night vision cameras can be a good choice for a camera owner, especially if they already have a video camera with motion detection. If a person installs this type of camera, they can see clearly at night.

Another example would be motion cameras. As they are the name suggests, these cameras are designed to record movement. Whether a person wants a good record of what happens during the day or at night, these cameras can be set up.

Setting up a home video system can be a good idea for anyone who wants to be in control of their security. DIY home security system subscription and subscription video setups can make this easier by giving the person the tools they need to install the cameras, record the video, and monitor the area.

The person can also choose to do the installation themselves, which can save money. In addition, if the person is familiar with home security systems, they can also set up a system that can include cameras, and motion sensors to save money.

In addition, if the person is familiar with home security systems, they can also set up a system that can include cameras, motion sensors, and night vision cameras to save money. These types of cameras are often used by professionals to monitor areas and can be very helpful for anyone who wants to ensure their safety.

No matter what type of system is chosen, it’s important to make sure the cameras are placed in strategic locations for the best coverage. It’s also important to have a secure connection to the cameras to ensure that the video is being recorded securely. Finally, it’s important to set up a monitoring system so that the person can be alerted if something happens. 

How to Set up and Use Video Surveillance Cameras in Your DayCare Center

Setting up video surveillance (see also wired vs wireless video surveillance systems) at your early childhood education center is a basic part of childcare responsibilities, yet it is often overlooked with an eagerness to get into other, more fun activities.

Getting your video surveillance system set up correctly within the first few days of the start of the school year, rather than waiting just a few days before parents check out the facility, is the difference between having comprehensive footage and not so much.  

First, the area the cameras will be covering must be identified. Common areas where cameras can be placed in a childcare center include the playground hallways and classrooms, entrances, parents’ waiting areas, and the reception desk. Knowing where to place the cameras can be a challenge as it is important to make sure they are hidden, but also capture the necessary footage.

After the areas where the cameras will be placed have been identified, the placement of the cameras around the perimeter must be determined. Examine the building’s layout and consider the angles identified, the placement of the cameras around the perimeter must be determined. Examine the building’s layout and consider the angles of view, lighting, and obstructions to determine the best places to install cameras.

It is important to then set up the recording system. Once all of the cameras are in place it is necessary to have a recording system that stores the footage. To ensure comprehensive footage, it is recommended to have motion-activated recording and to set different recording resolutions based on the camera placement. It is also important to make sure that the recording system is secure.

Finally, it is necessary to monitor the cameras and regularly review the footage to ensure that it is capturing the necessary images. This will enable the monitoring to spot any suspicious activity or potential threats as soon as they appear. 

Best Practices for Video Surveillance in Childcare Centers

When day care centers are providing high-quality care to small children, one of the biggest concerns is keeping them safe at all times. One of the best ways to ensure that kids are staying safe is to continue to monitor what rooms they are in and what they are doing at all times.

Due to new data collection and privacy laws, day care centers need to engage in video surveillance strategically and consider best practices. 

The best practices for video surveillance in day care centers include:

1. Ensure that the surveillance area is clearly marked and that all staff is aware of and consent to the surveillance.

2. Make sure that the footage is recorded and stored in a secure location.

3. Regularly review the footage to make sure that it is capturing all of the necessary images. 

 4. Make sure that the cameras are positioned in such a way that they are capturing the entire target area and that all staff is aware of where the cameras are located.

5. Ensure that the video footage is only being viewed by authorized personnel.

6. Conduct periodic checks of the cameras to make sure that they are functioning properly and that the recording quality is up to standard.

7. Ensure that the video footage is not used for any purpose beyond what it was intended for originally.

8. Take measures to protect the privacy and security of the video footage. 

Making Sure Staff Members are Monitored in Childcare Facilities with Video Surveillance Cameras

Protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your business from danger is essential to staying safe. That’s why our security division offers a wide variety of residential, commercial, and specialized security systems. We’re able to offer a wide variety of solutions through this division so that we can ensure that our commercial and residential customers have a way to find security that works for them, no matter the specific request.

We understand that in a daycare facility, rigid security protocols may mean that some parents are uneasy, which is why our team works to make this a great experience. You’ll be given your own personalized account for your security cameras or security alarm system that you can access when you’d otherwise like, with notifications instantly going to your phone so that you’re always up to date.

Security cameras(check the best security cameras for a construction site here) can be used to ensure that your child is always safe, but even when they’re not, we use our security systems to be able to help protect the safety and security of those in your care. These tools enable us to help you create a safe, secure environment where children are well taken care of. We want to provide you with peace of mind that your child is in good hands. 

In addition, our team assists with physical security solutions such as keypad locks, motion sensors, and CCTV systems. Depending on the size of your facility and the types of security risks you face, we can work with you to tailor a security system that best meets your needs. 

The Pros and Cons of Installing Video Surveillance Cameras in Child Care Centers

Although there are a handful of obstacles to overcome when installing surveillance cameras in a child care center, most services enjoy greater safety and security.

A natural security precaution can be found in the use of security cameras. The idea is this: install as many cameras as you can afford and consider installing them in places like dark and secluded hallways without windows. When alarms go off, catch the person in the act for evidence.

There is no substitute for sound. Install a speaker and play pre-recorded sounds, alerting children to an unknown danger approaching, such as “There’s been an accident! Tell your teacher now!” Or, “There’s a fire! Hide under the table, now!” You can also keep records of what daily distractions, like vandalism and visitor complaints, are found when the cameras are turned off.

Challenge team members on observation: often, it is the simplest of observations that alert others of danger. For instance, keep a sharp eye out for children who wander away from indoor play centers, wander on unsafe pathways, or pretend to fall off playground equipment.

Establish rules! After all, if you leave someone unattended for something, whether they are inattentive or not, what if they have an accident? Then, your big concern is: what will be their last words? Keep the comings and goings, both into and out of the building, in check to prevent an orphanage-like mentality from establishing itself. If you don’t already have a set of rules, have them written, posted, and consistently enforced.  

In addition, it is helpful to establish a system of alerts that should be taken seriously, such as a fire alarm or a loud “ check-in” bell at the end of each day. This would alert the team to any potential situations, allowing them to respond immediately.

Furthermore, team members should be trained on how to safely intervene in potentially dangerous situations.  situations involving a child wandering away or playing in an inappropriate area. This will help ensure that children are kept safe and out of harm’s way.

How do You Use Video Surveillance Footage to Investigate Child Abuse or Other Wrongdoing?

Capturing video with surveillance cameras can be a great way to capture any evidence you need of wrongdoing. But what do you do with your videos once you’ve captured them?

According to US video surveillance laws, video surveillance of private property should be limited to those places and objects where reasonable people might reasonably intend to acquire evidence. So, the locations where you put cameras depend on what type of camera you have. Home security systems often use domes that may capture footage from both outdoors and indoors. Others use bullet cameras to capture images outside only.

Meanwhile, outdoor security cameras may capture images of you and your property. In general, surveillance cameras should be used for prospective crime investigation and not for observation for disciplinary or employment purposes. Obviously, there are some exceptions to that rule when your business is not a private residence.

For instance, in places where it’s quite common to see children, parents use the equipment to protect their children from strangers. In some cases, parents may install CCTV in their rental property to monitor the children or their tenants. In these cases, it’s very reasonable to place the daycare cameras in areas where children are likely to seek refuge or in common areas like a hallway or staircase.

Recording images are only meaningful if they’re reviewed on a regular basis. For example, if you’re monitoring an area of your home remotely, make sure that you log in and have a look around every so often. Doing so will ensure the pictures and videos are helpful, not just taking up space. As a standard recommendation, try not to view your video surveillance footage more than twice a week. 

Additionally, make sure that you understand and adhere to the data laws that apply to you in your jurisdiction. CCTV systems should always be monitored in accordance with local regulations and privacy laws. For example, in the UK, data protection laws dictate that CCTV must be used responsibly and should be limited to recording what is necessary and proportionate.

Finally, if you are using the recordings for any kind of criminal or civil proceedings, make sure to follow the relevant legal requirements. This might include labeling the footage with the necessary information and storing it securely. (see also local vs cloud storage for video surveillance)


The importance of video surveillance in childcare centers is undeniable. Surveillance cameras can provide an extra layer of security that can help many parents feel comfortable leaving their children in someone else’s care. Go Safer Security is the trusted video surveillance company in Maryland, USA.

With its state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, knowledgeable technicians, and custom solutions, Go Safer Security can help keep our children safe. If you want to make sure your childcare center is as secure as possible, contact Go Safer Security today for a free consultation. They’ll help you find the perfect video surveillance system to meet your needs. Now is the time to take action and make sure our children are safe.


The question of How long do daycares keep video footage? is an important one to ask. Daycares with cameras installed need to ensure they have adequate internet security measures in place to protect the footage.

The length of time daycares keep video footage varies, depending on the provider. Generally, footage is kept for at least 90 days. It could be much longer, however, depending on the provider’s policies and the need to keep footage for legal or other reasons.

Ultimately, it is worth investigating the policies of any daycare with cameras installed to be sure that the video footage is kept for a time that meets the needs of the parents and the provider.

Yes, daycare centers are advised to have cameras. When it comes to daycare facilities, installing cameras can be a beneficial way for both parents and staff members to ensure that their children are safe. Cameras can provide an extra sense of security and can help to deter any suspicious activity in the daycare.

Furthermore, camera footage can help staff members to monitor the children in their care and provide an extra layer of protection. By installing cameras in your daycare, parents and staff members can have peace of mind that the facility is secure.

Yes, many daycare centers are now utilizing audio-enabled cameras for surveillance and for the safety of the children. This allows staff members and daycare workers to monitor activities more closely and ensure the security of the premises.

Audio-enabled cameras can provide an extra layer of security for daycare centers, ensuring that the children and staff members are safe and secure. Audio-enabled cameras can also help to deter theft and vandalism, as well as provide evidence if any unauthorized activity occurs. Audio-enabled cameras are an invaluable tool for daycare centers, providing an extra level of protection and peace of mind.

The importance of security and surveillance is undeniable, especially when it comes to increase home security. Surveillance systems, such as cameras and motion detectors, help to deter criminals, alert homeowners to intruders, and provide evidence if a crime is committed. Furthermore, security systems can also detect fires, floods, and other disasters.
In addition to providing security, surveillance can also be used to improve quality of life. Having a system in place can provide peace of mind and allow homeowners to monitor their property from anywhere in the world. Surveillance can also help to identify problems before they become major issues and help reduce the risk of theft and vandalism.
Overall, security and surveillance systems offer numerous benefits, from providing an extra layer of safety to providing added convenience. With the right system in place, homeowners can enjoy greater peace of mind and increased security.

CCTV is an essential part of an alarm system as it provides round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of your property. CCTV cameras can capture footage of potential intruders or suspicious activities, which can alert the alarm system and prompt a response. It can also be integrated with fire alarm systems to alert the authorities in case of fire. By investing in a CCTV system, you’ll have increased security and peace of mind, and it can potentially lower your fire alarm cost. CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent for criminals and can provide valuable evidence in case of a break-in. Don’t skimp on your security system, invest in a reliable and robust CCTV system for your home or business.

Yes, childcare centers need a fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers are essential for the safety of children and staff in the event of a fire. Commercial fire alarm system calculators can be used to estimate the size and cost of a fire sprinkler system for a childcare center. These calculators help you determine the number of sprinkler heads and water supply needed for the building, as well as the cost of the sprinkler system.

Yes, video surveillance can be used to monitor and secure childcare center’s garage door. This can be especially helpful when the garage door is used to access an outdoor play area or playground. By monitoring the garage door, staff can ensure that only authorized visitors are entering the facility, which can help to keep our kids safe.

A key fob system can improve security in childcare centers by granting access only to authorized personnel. Key fobs are a form of contactless identification and can be used to track and control access to certain areas. The fob system can also be configured to require two-factor authentication, adding an additional layer of security. With the right key fob system, childcare centers can limit access to certain areas, record entry and exit times, and monitor who is coming and going. This can help ensure the safety of the children and staff, and provide peace of mind for parents.

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