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Image Sensor Camera V3 – Retail

Image Sensor Camera V3 – Retail

$ 85

Image Sensor Camera V3 – Retail box packaging. Compatible with Interlogix/DSC

The ADC-IS-300-LP Image Sensor enhances security by providing immediate visual confirmation of alarms and heightened user engagement with on-demand views. Our most recent model* features a revamped design that delivers superior resolution images, enhanced night vision, and a broader field of view.

Certified by ETL, battery-powered, and seamlessly communicates with the customer’s security control panel, this device can easily replace a standard motion sensor in common installations. This swap not only enhances customer value but also contributes to higher recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for the account.


  • ETL certified for UL639 and ULC S306
  • 35 foot detection range with a 90 degree horizontal FOV
  • Remotely configurable PIR sensitivity
  • Pet immunity, etc.
  • Easy installation
  • Simple panel enrollment
  • No broadband required; No router configuration
  • Tri-color LED
  • Battery powered
  • Tamper detection, walk test mode, supervision
  • Color images
  • Night vision
  • IR illumination
  • Black and white images
  • Wireless image transmission to panel
  • Wireless image transmission to via cellular networks


Before permanently mounting the Image Sensor, evaluate potential locations and consider the following factors to ensure optimal performance and false alarm protection:
Range-Is the location close enough to the security panel to ensure adequate signal strength?
False Alarm Immunity- Is installation location false alarm prone? Reduce the risk of motion-triggered false alarms by making sure the location is free of vibration and the
device will not face a local heat source, window, or areas with high pet activity. (Also, make sure area is free of elevated surfaces where pets may climb.)
Capture Orientation- Is the location ideally suited for detecting motion and capturing images when there is an intruder or activity? Consider where the subject is likely to enter the area and whether or not they will be facing the sensor.
Lighting Conditions- How good is the artificial and natural light? Will daytime and nighttime lighting conditions ensure adequate image quality?

Image Sensor Camera V3 (Interlogix Compatible) – Bulk Packaging

The Bulk Image Sensor Camera V3, compatible with Interlogix systems, is designed for efficient and cost-effective deployment. Encased in bulk packaging, this camera offers a streamlined solution for large-scale installations. With its advanced features, including instant visual verification of alarms, enhanced resolution images, improved night vision, and a wider field of view, it provides heightened security measures. ETL certified, battery-operated, and seamlessly integrating with the customer’s security control panel, this camera ensures reliable performance. Ideal for replacing standard motion sensors in typical setups, it not only increases customer value but also contributes to higher recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

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