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Image Sensor Daughterboard – Bulk Packaging

Image Sensor Daughterboard – Bulk Packaging

$ 15

The Image Sensor Daughterboard, available in bulk packaging and specifically designed for compatibility with 2GIG systems, offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for deployment. This daughterboard is tailored to seamlessly integrate with 2GIG setups, providing advanced features for enhanced security. Its design ensures compatibility with 2GIG systems, enabling efficient and straightforward installations.


  • Seamless Integration: Specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with 2GIG systems, ensuring easy and efficient installation.
  • Bulk Packaging Efficiency: The bulk packaging option facilitates large-scale deployments, making it a practical choice for extensive projects.
  • Enhanced Security: Provides instant visual verification of alarms, contributing to a heightened level of security and quicker response times.
  • Improved Resolution Images: Equipped with advanced technology to deliver higher resolution images, allowing for clearer and more detailed visual information.
  • Extended Field of View: Offers a wider field of view, expanding coverage and capturing more area within a single frame.
  • ETL Certification: ETL certification ensures compliance with industry standards, guaranteeing reliability and performance.
  • Battery-Operated Flexibility: The battery-operated design enhances flexibility in installation, allowing for placement in various locations without the constraints of wired power sources.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both new installations and as a replacement component, providing versatility for system expansions or upgrades.


  1. Gather Materials:
    • Image Sensor Daughterboard
    • 2GIG Security System
    • Batteries (if not included)
    • Necessary tools (screwdriver, etc.)
  2. Power Down the System:
    • Ensure the 2GIG security system is powered down to avoid any electrical hazards.
  3. Open the Control Panel:
    • Open the control panel of your 2GIG system. This may involve removing a cover or accessing a designated area where modules are installed.
  4. Identify Daughterboard Slot:
    • Locate the slot designated for the daughterboard. This may be labeled or indicated in the system’s manual.
  5. Insert Daughterboard:
    • Gently insert the Image Sensor Daughterboard into the designated slot on the 2GIG panel. Ensure it is properly aligned and securely inserted.
  6. Secure the Daughterboard:
    • If necessary, use any provided screws or fasteners to secure the daughterboard in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this step.
  7. Connect Power:
    • If the daughterboard requires power, follow the guidelines for connecting the power source. This may involve batteries or a wired connection depending on the specific model.
  8. Close Control Panel:
    • Once the daughterboard is securely in place and powered, close the control panel, ensuring all components are properly aligned.
  9. Power Up the System:
    • Power up the 2GIG security system and follow any on-screen prompts or system-specific steps for recognizing and configuring the new daughterboard.
  10. Configure Settings (if needed):
    • Access the system’s menu to configure any settings related to the Image Sensor Daughterboard. This may include naming, assigning zones, or adjusting sensitivity settings.
  11. Test Functionality:
    • Test the functionality of the daughterboard by triggering alarms or motions as needed. Verify that the 2GIG system correctly receives and responds to signals from the daughterboard.
  12. Refer to the Manual:
    • Always refer to the specific product manual for any model-specific details or features.

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