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MR52 Two Reader Expansion Module

$ 368.47

The MR52 Two Reader Expansion Module (Replaces ADC-ACX2) is designed to add two extra readers to an door controller. Each ADC-AC-MR52 adds two reader ports, six relay outputs, and eight programmable inputs to the system. Connect the expansion module to the controller using a shielded, RS-485 twisted pair.’s Smarter Access Control proves to be a well-suited solution for businesses of various sizes, spanning from small shops to extensive commercial properties. The Two Reader Expansion Module serves as an enhancement for an Mercury Series door controller, allowing the incorporation of two additional readers. With each ADC-AC-MR52, two reader ports, six relay outputs, and eight programmable inputs are seamlessly integrated into the system. To establish connectivity between the expansion module and the controller, employ a shielded RS-485 twisted pair.


Expansion Module Features

  • Provides all I/O needed for two doors each using one reader
  • Eight programmable inputs
  • Two reader inputs
  • Six relay outputs
  • For use with Mercury Series Door Controllers

Smarter Access Control Benefits

  • Scan-to-add card format and serial detection
  • Control doors and manage users from the app
  • Integrated intrusion and video offerings
  • User-friendly, flexible scheduling
  • Configure hardware using web or app for easy installation
  • Plug & play installation — no networking expertise required

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