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Residential and Commercial Fire Alarm Service & Life Security.

Go Safer Security fire system engineers make sure that each project is correctly estimated and completed on schedule. Go Safer Security fire system engineers have the experience that protects an installation project from cost overruns and expensive delays.


Fire Alarm Service & Life Security

UL Certified Monitoring – Central Station 24/7 Hour Monitoring

A fire alarm system is a requirement for most commercial properties. Go Safer Security has trained and state licensed fire alarm engineers that have the technical experience to service your fire alarm system(s), including semi-annual and annual fire alarm inspections.

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For over 14years, GoSafer Security has provided fire protection services for restaurants, businesses, government offices, healthcare and educational facilities, industrial centers, and more throughout the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC areas.

We’re your single source for all your fire protection needs, from engineering and design to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Kitchen Fire
Suppression Systems

  • Kitchen fire suppression system inspection
  • Kitchen fire suppression system repair
  • Kitchen fire suppression system installation

Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire sprinkler inspection
  • Fire sprinkler repair
  • Fire pump inspection
  • Fire hydrant inspection

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire alarm inspection
  • Fire alarm repair
  • Fire alarm monitoring

Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

  • Special Hazard services
  • Special Hazard repair

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Fire extinguisher repair
  • Fire extinguisher installation

Exit And Emergency Lighting

  • Exit & Emergency lighting inspection
  • Exit & Emergency lighting repair
  • Exit & Emergency lighting installation


Don't Go Home Before The Fire Goes Out

At GoSafer Security, we are more than just a home security provider – we are your dedicated partners in safeguarding what matters most. With a strong focus on Fire Alarm Services and

Life Security, we bring peace of mind to homes across Maryland. Here’s why you should entrust your safety to us:


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Call +1-888-FIRE-COP (3473-267) and speak one of our Security Systems Specialist or complete the form and we will contact you.


Janice H. Upper Marlboro, MD
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Khalid, the electrician was great. Request him for good service. The only problems was having to call them back for follow up with me when they should have following up with me. The customer service part needs some work. However, Khalid, the electrician is great!
Daniel A. Upper Marlboro, MD
Install, Service, or Repair Surveillance Cameras
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Very professional and focused on doing quality work. Great experience.

Fire Alarm FAQs

A fire alarm is a system designed to detect and warn individuals about the presence of a fire or smoke in a building. It typically consists of smoke detectors, heat sensors, audible alarms, and sometimes visual alarms.

Fire alarms work by continuously monitoring the environment for signs of fire or smoke. When smoke or excessive heat is detected, the alarm system triggers the alarms, which may include loud sirens and flashing lights, to alert people in the building of the potential danger.

There are various types of fire alarms, including:

  1. Ionization smoke alarms: These are sensitive to fast-burning, flaming fires.
  2. Photoelectric smoke alarms: These are effective at detecting slow, smoldering fires.
  3. Heat detectors: These activate when the ambient temperature reaches a certain threshold.
  4. Combination alarms: These combine both smoke and heat detection for enhanced safety.

Fire alarms should be installed in key locations throughout a building, including bedrooms, living areas, hallways, and near kitchens. It’s important to follow local building codes and guidelines when determining the placement of fire alarms.

Fire alarm requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of building. Many building codes and regulations mandate the installation of fire alarm systems in commercial buildings, multi-family residences, and public spaces for safety compliance.

Fire alarms should be tested regularly to ensure their proper functioning. It is generally recommended to test them at least once a month. Additionally, most fire alarm systems have a battery backup, and these batteries should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the fire alarm activates, it is crucial to take immediate action. Follow these steps:

  1. Alert others in the building by shouting or activating the fire alarm if it hasn’t already been triggered.
  2. Evacuate the building through designated exit routes, avoiding elevators.
  3. Call the emergency services (fire department) to report the fire.
  4. Gather at a safe location outside the building and wait for further instructions.

Yes, fire alarms can be interconnected, especially in larger buildings or residential complexes. Interconnected alarms communicate with each other, so if one alarm detects a fire, all alarms will activate simultaneously, providing early warning throughout the building.

Remember to consult local fire safety codes and regulations for specific guidelines and requirements regarding fire alarm systems in your area.

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