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About the Program

Overview and Goals

The Montgomery County Police Department's Police-Private Security Camera Incentive Program is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering residents and businesses to play an active role in crime reduction by incentivizing the installation of security camera systems. Through this program, eligible participants can receive generous reimbursements for installing security camera systems at their homes or businesses.

The Primary Goals of the Program

Deter criminals

Deter criminals and reduce crime rates by increasing the visibility of security cameras in designated highcrime areas.

Protect property

Protect property and enhance safety for both homeowners and business owners by providing an additional layer of security

Foster a safer Community

Foster a safer and more secure community by encouraging widespread adoption of security camera systems.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Police-Private Security Camera Incentive
Program, participants must meet the following criteria:

Residential Eligibility

  • Reside in a designated high-crime area within Montgomery County.
  • Own or rent a single-family home, condominium, or townhouse.
  • Install a security camera system that meets the county’s minimum standards
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Business Eligibility

  • Operate a business within a designated high-crime area within Montgomery County.
  • Own or lease a commercial property, such as a retail store, office building, or restaurant.
  • Install a security camera system that meets the county’s minimum standards.

Reimbursement Amounts and Program Limitations

Eligible participants can receive reimbursements of up to:



Security Camera Systems

Up to$1,250


Security Camera Systems
  • Priority areas: The program is currently accepting applications for residents and businesses in designated high-crime areas within Montgomery County.
  • Limited availability: The program has a limited budget and may be subject to changes or restrictions based on funding availability, so it’s important to apply early.
  • Documentation required: Applicants will be required to submit documentation to support their eligibility, such as proof of residency or business ownership, as well as receipts for the purchase of their security camera system.
  • Payment options: Reimbursement payments will be made via check or electronic transfer.

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