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In the digital age, biometric time and attendance systems are an increasingly popular solution to make businesses more productive. By leveraging the latest in facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technology, biometric time and attendance systems can automate the process of keeping employees accountable for their hours. In this blog, we’ll explore how these systems work and how they can make your business more efficient and productive.

So if you’re looking for a way to streamline your business operations and ensure that your staff is working to the best of their abilities, read on to learn more about biometric time and attendance systems and how they can help you get the most out of your business!

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Introducing Biometric Time and Attendance Systems: How They Work and How They Can Make Your Business More Productive 

A biometric time and attendance system was big news over a decade ago when fingerprint biometrics were used, but these days, the technology has become cheaper and more reliable. You can read more about biometric attendance systems here.

With fingerprint biometrics, (see also key card and fob home security) employers can scan employees’ fingerprints by keeping scanned prints on file to authenticate their identity. Employees typically register their fingerprints for security purposes as well. All you have to do is place your finger on the sensor and it scans it. 

Other forms of biometric time and attendance systems include facial recognition, iris scans, and voice recognition. These systems help employers to accurately monitor attendance and track employee punctuality. Additionally, biometric time and attendance systems can reduce time theft and unauthorized overtime.

A biometric time and attendance system can help improve business productivity by reducing time wasted on manual timekeeping. With fewer distractions and more accurate records, employees can focus more on their work.

Overall, biometric time and attendance systems provide employers with an efficient and secure way to monitor employee attendance and punctuality.

Why Do Businesses Need Biometric Attendance Systems?

As a business, your employees are the most important part of your company. Without them, you can’t function. However, in addition to being people, employees have lives outside of work, which means they’re susceptible to illnesses and illnesses, which they aren’t always in the office.

If one of your employees doesn’t make it in to work one day, you want to be able to replace them as quickly as possible, but it takes time to find someone new. When you can be up and running with a new employee in the time that would take to hire one, adding biometric time logging and attendance biometric clocks to your company is a must.

When you implement biometric timekeeping systems in your business, you can streamline the recruiting and hiring process, reduce the number of employee absences, and save yourself time.  Biometric time and attendance systems are also useful for preventing time theft, which can occur when employees clock in other employees who haven’t actually worked.

Tracking an employee’s physical presence in the office ensures that your staff is putting in their time and effort when they’re supposed to be.  By tracking biometric sensitive data like fingerprints, thumbprints, or retinal scans, you can be sure that your employees are present when they need to be and are not taking advantage of loopholes in the system.

Having a biometric time and attendance system also helps to maintain accurate records and data. The data collected from biometric time logging can be used to track employee hours, which is especially useful for companies with remote and flexible staff. The data can be used to provide accurate reports on attendance, work hours, and employee performance.

Biometric systems are also secure, as they prevent employees from entering unauthorized information or from bypassing the system. The data collected from biometric logging is stored securely, which can also protect against attempts at fraud or tampering. Additionally, biometric systems are fast and efficient, allowing companies to quickly and easily process time-logging data without having to manually enter it.

How Do Use Time and Biometric Attendance System in Your Business?

Biometric time and Attendance systems can be used in a small or medium-sized organization as an input of employee data in a computer. Biometric time and attendance machines use the fingerprint method of identification. The fingerprint time attendance machines come with touch screen terminals (touch screen fingerprint type attendance machines).

Touch screen biometric time and attendance machine have several benefits very small in size, almost weightless, and portable, and a stylus or finger can be used to operate the machine.  The time and attendance machine can be connected to the existing computer network and the employee data can be entered into the system. It also has security features like password-protected access to the data.

The biometric system works by scanning or capturing a person’s fingerprint or other biometric features such as iris, hand geometry, facial recognition, or voice recognition.  When the employee’s biometric data is captured, it is matched against the pre-stored data to verify the identity of the employee. When the employee’s identity is verified, the attendance of the employee can be recorded in the system.

Biometric time and attendance machines also provide other features such as tracking time off requests and providing total time worked. This helps in preventing any time theft or manipulation of attendance data. The data can also be used for payroll processing and other HR activities.

Since biometric time and attendance machines are very accurate, reliable, and secure, they are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their HR processes. They also provide employers with more accurate data that can be used to improve productivity and identify areas that need improvement. 

How to Choose the Right Attendance and Biometric Systems for Your Business

With a technology-driven world comes an increased need for businesses to implement efficient and secure methods of tracking employees. Biometric time clocks are the perfect solution for such needs because they can counteract the time theft occurring or currently happening in your business.

Biometric time clocks can also be used to enforce your workplace policies and other security measures, such as your fire emergency policies, which will add that extra layer of security to your business. Biometric time clocks can also produce reports and statistics regarding your workforce, allowing you to make necessary changes that will ensure that your business profits continue to rise.

Biometric time clocks have many benefits and advantages for your business, which you will come to realize after you get the proper device that will meet your needs. To make sure that you choose the right biometric time clock, here are some aspects that you need to consider:

Operating System

According to the Biometrics Research Group, 80% of employees that commit time theft do so by punching in for someone else. A majority of biometric time clocks use Windows Operating System.

Some biometric devices use Linux or Android operating systems. If your business uses these OS, it is advisable that you look for devices that use Linux or Android operating systems.
Management: Different biometric time clocks have different reporting options. Some biometric time clocks have the ability to create reports for department managers, while others can create reports for both department managers and senior-level executives.

There are plenty of biometric time clocks that feature voice recognition and programs that are HIPAA compliant. Ask the sellers you are considering about the capabilities of their biometric time clocks and the software used to create them.


You can customize the processes in your biometric time clocks. Some biometric time clocks allow you to set specific parameters that will only allow workers to punch in for work at 9am daily, while others allow workers to punch in for work 9am-5pm, regardless of the actual time.

Any welcoming office environment requires workers to interact with each other. Biometric time clocks that can be programmed to allow workers to speak to one another in the office increase interaction in the workplace, leaving your workers feeling less isolated.


Biometric time clocks can be integrated with one another to allow workers to share clock in and out times, which can then be programmed into the payroll system. This allows for payroll to be automatically calculated and keeps track of the hours worked.

Another integration found in biometric time clocks is with access control systems. This allows the time clock to be connected with an access control system so workers can only access certain areas of the property at certain times.   This can help control visitors, as well as prevent unauthorized access.

Finally, biometric time clocks can be integrated with other systems such as video surveillance systems, allowing for further control of who has access to certain areas of the property.


Biometric time clocks are a great way to keep the workplace secure. They can be programmed to only allow certain people access to certain areas, ensuring that the right people are in the right places at the right times. They can also be used to keep track of who is working when and for how long, allowing for improved scheduling and payroll.

Additionally, the biometric data collected by the time clock can be used to identify and deny access to people who are not authorized to be in certain areas. This helps to further protect the property from theft or other malicious activity. 

What are the Risks of not Using a Biometric Time and Attendance System in Your Business?

Ever been late to a meeting or forgotten to put in for your overtime hours? Of course, you have. But have you ever forgotten to fill out a time sheet for a Friday baseball game through the app on your phone (well, don’t worry, no one would blame you for that). Sure, it’s inconvenient having to remember to log off an app and log onto a time clock but businesses today rely on accurate, timely information for payroll, taxes, and operations.

Unfortunately, every minute that a cash-based or paper-based system is used, human error becomes a bigger issue.

80% of payroll-related data errors are due to human error

Here are a few reasons why you would be well served by using a biometric time and attendance system:

Automates payroll: Since every employee uses biometric authentication, it’s much easier to monitor time.

  • Avoids employee fraud: Not only will employees not be able to fudge their hours, it’s much more difficult to steal money from the business when employees have limited access or can’t access money at all.

  • Reduces mistakes: If employees have nothing to do but punch in and punch out, they’re going to be more vigilant about trying to do those things correctly.

  • Increases productivity: After time clocks are eliminated giving people more time for their jobs, their overall productivity increases.

Since we have a full article on biometric time and attendance systems written for you, for now having this information would be a big help for you. But coming full circle, having robust protection in place ensures that the business can keep running without running into problems due to human error. 

How to Track Employee Productivity With a Biometric Time and Attendance System

“Better late than never” when it comes to timesheets, right? The problem is when you make new employees track their time every time they clock in, it can erode their motivation and productivity. Not to say that it’s always a mistake to track employee timesheets but this is especially true when you’re running a biometrics time and attendance tracking and productivity system.

Here’s why:

Employees can work hard, but when they clock in, they have to stop what they’re doing and write it down on a piece of paper. Then, they have to hand it to the supervisor, who usually takes too long to get back to them (so the employee stops what they’re doing again).

By the time they’re done, the employee has still just been sitting around, not getting much done.

And, even if supervisors make everybody fill out their timesheets right away, there’s still that paper-trail to deal with later.

So, the question is, what should you track for employees instead?

Tracking employee productivity and performance with biometrics hardware and software is a great replacement for timesheets. And when you use a biometrics time and attendance system, it eliminates any disruption to your employees’ productivity.


– Biometric data can be collected throughout the day.
– If there’s any work to be done, which employee can complete it the fastest?
– Which employee is most productive at a certain time?
– Biometric data supports access restrictions as well as audits.
– Not only that, but biometrics eliminates the risk of falsified employee hours or offices trying to pad their employee hours by working extra hours without recording them.
– Biometric data can be collected automatically, discreetly, and accurately.
– The data collected from your employees is available in real-time, while timesheets are rarely updated throughout the day.

And, unlike timesheets, you can’t lose biometric data (unlike clocks), and you can’t duplicate it.

And with all that, it’s easy to see why biometrics is a better way to track employee productivity and performance. 

With biometrics, you get accurate and reliable data which is essential for optimizing your employee attendance system.  You can quickly determine which employee is most productive at a certain time of day and who can complete a task the fastest.

The data can also be used to identify new ways to improve efficiency and productivity.

Utilizing Biometric Technology to Create Accurate Payroll Records

Biometric technology is growing, especially with our new president-elect who has shown an interest in biometric technology. The idea of payroll isn’t anything new; employers and employees are to be paid based on their individual tasks.

However, payroll has always been very open and vulnerable to fraud.

A new idea is to incorporate biometric technology. Imagine a fingerprint scanner that is able to detect and identify an employee by their fingerprint. Instead of performing calculations of several variables, the fingerprint could be used to mathematically calculate the number of hours an employee has worked.

If payroll is run correctly, a fingerprint could be used as an attendance system to check in and out. This has functioned in the past, however, systems Needed biometric technology to ensure accurate calculations. 

Introducing Improved Scheduling Software

One way to improve efficiency and productivity is to introduce improved scheduling software to help employees stay on track in terms of attendance and payment. Improved scheduling software will help employers ensure that employees are accurately clocked in and out,  which will ultimately reduce the risk of payroll fraud.

Improved scheduling software can also help to manage the workload of employees and set deadlines for tasks.  With this software, employers can easily track the number of hours employees are working and ensure that they are being paid correctly.

Moreover, improved scheduling software can help to reduce errors and miscalculations in payroll, as it is more accurate and reliable compared to manual calculations. This software can be integrated with biometric technology, allowing for a more precise recording of employee attendance.

Implementing improved scheduling software can provide a number of benefits for both employers and employees, including increased efficiency and productivity, improved accuracy in payroll calculations, and increased control in workload management. 


From reduced payroll and other labor costs to improved security and better employee morale, biometric time and attendance systems offer numerous benefits and advantages to businesses. With biometric time and attendance systems, businesses can accurately track and manage employee time, making it easier to identify areas of improvement and increase efficiency.

At Go Safer Security, we understand the importance of having a reliable and secure biometric time and attendance system. Our team of experienced access control system installation experts can help you find the right system for your business, ensuring that it meets all your needs. With our help, you can reap the benefits of biometric time and attendance systems and improve your business’s productivity.

To experience the power of biometric time and attendance systems, contact Go Safer Security today and let us help you find the perfect solution for your business. With our expertise and access control system installation services, you can take advantage of the benefits of biometric time and attendance systems and make your business more productive.

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