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Enhance Your Home’s Security with Advanced Photo and Video Features

The IQ Panel 4 stands as a leader in home security, offering a suite of advanced automation and security features. With its sleek 7-inch touchscreen, seamless integration, and built-in PowerG wireless technology, the IQ Panel 4 provides a sophisticated, user-friendly experience, making your home smarter and more secure than ever before.

Elevate Your Home’s Awareness with the Panel Camera

The IQ Panel 4’s built-in 8MP camera gives you unparalleled insight into your home. Once installed, this camera lets you stay connected with everything happening at your doorstep, enhancing your awareness and peace of mind.

Disarm Photos

When someone disarms your security system, the panel camera automatically takes a photo of the individual. This photo is instantly sent to your device, giving you a clear view of who disarmed the system and when. This feature adds a layer of transparency, helping you keep track of family members’ movements and enhancing your security.

Video Captures

The IQ Panel 4’s camera isn’t just for photos—it also records video. Integrated with, you can set specific rules to capture video at key moments. Whether you’re monitoring your front step for visitors or ensuring your family stays on schedule, the video capture feature provides critical insights. Additionally, the camera can be programmed to activate when your security alarm sounds, offering immediate video footage so you can assess situations quickly and make informed decisions.

A Powerful Tool for Smarter, Safer Homes

The panel camera is an essential feature of the IQ Panel 4, designed to help you create a safer, smarter home. With its intuitive features, the IQ Panel 4 not only secures your home but also keeps you connected to what matters most.

For more information on how to integrate the IQ Panel 4 into your home security system, contact Go Safer Security today. Let us help you enhance your home’s safety and automation with cutting-edge technology.

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