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At Go Safer Security, we’re proud to integrate PowerG technology into our range of security sensors and devices. Known for its exceptional range and reliability, PowerG sets a new standard in wireless security, enhancing your home or business’s safety with advanced features and seamless device management. Unlike other wireless protocols, PowerG delivers unparalleled performance and functionality, ensuring your security system is as robust as it is smart.

What Makes PowerG Stand Out?

Creating a secure environment requires more than just any wireless technology. PowerG revolutionizes security with its innovative features, making your home or business safer through a cohesive and adaptive security network.

Two-Way Communication

Most security sensors rely on one-way communication, sending data to the home panel. PowerG, however, uses two-way communication, allowing devices and panels to exchange information dynamically. This two-way interaction enhances system efficiency and reliability. PowerG’s adaptive power transmission technology adjusts the power usage of your devices, extending battery life up to eight years by only using the necessary power for communication.

This feature also enables seamless coordination across all your devices. For instance, when a PowerG Smoke Alarm detects smoke, it alerts the panel, which then triggers all other alarms in your home or business, ensuring everyone is notified promptly and safely.

Advanced Encryption

Legacy wireless protocols often lack encryption, leaving security systems vulnerable. PowerG, on the other hand, includes 128-bit AES encryption and frequency hopping, safeguarding your system against digital threats like code grabbing and message substitution. With PowerG, your security is fortified against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

Impressive Range

PowerG’s communication range is over four times that of traditional wireless protocols, significantly reducing installation costs by eliminating the need for additional repeaters. Its expansive range supports fully wireless security systems for large installations, making it possible to secure areas like sheds, garages, pool gates, or any remote locations with ease.

Explore Our PowerG Devices

Go Safer Security offers a comprehensive range of PowerG-enabled security and life safety devices, easily integrated into your system via a PowerG wireless panel. Our lineup includes motion detectors, window contacts, glass break detectors, and more. For comprehensive safety, we provide PowerG Smoke and Heat Detectors and PowerG Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Enhance Your Smart Home with PowerG Automation

Take your security to the next level by adding PowerG automation devices. With PowerG Everywhere devices, you can create scenes and schedules to automate your lighting, electrical plugs, and sockets. The IQ Lock-PG allows for remote lock management and advanced automation features, making your home not just safer but smarter.

PowerG is the ultimate choice for protecting what matters most. For more details or to get “Protected by PowerG,” contact Go Safer Security today. Let us help you create a secure, smart environment for your home or business.

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