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What is PowerG?

PowerG is a revolutionary wireless technology integrated into our security sensors and devices. This cutting-edge wireless protocol enhances security systems with exceptional range, reliability, and encryption. While numerous connection options are available for building security systems, our suite of PowerG-enabled devices stands out, leveraging the unique capabilities of PowerG to deliver unparalleled functionality.

What Can PowerG Do?

PowerG’s impressive range ensures your security sensors function flawlessly up to one mile away from the panel, providing robust coverage and peace of mind. Whether you have a sprawling property or challenging environments, PowerG guarantees reliable communication across large areas.

Advanced Two-Way Encryption

PowerG features powerful two-way encryption, protecting your system against electronic attacks. Unlike legacy security protocols that repeatedly transmit the same event information, making them vulnerable to replay attacks, PowerG’s encryption prevents unauthorized access. Replay attacks, which use software-defined radios or listening devices to replay previous events, are effectively blocked by PowerG’s advanced encryption, ensuring your security remains uncompromised.

Seamless Integration and Expandability

PowerG simplifies the integration of other PowerG-enabled devices with your existing surveillance cameras and home security systems. Our comprehensive range of PowerG-enabled products allows you to easily expand or customize your security network to suit any project size. Maintaining these systems is effortless, thanks to PowerG’s user-friendly interface, which streamlines arming, disarming, monitoring, and alert management.

Invest in the Best Wireless Security Technology

By building your security system around PowerG, you are choosing the pinnacle of wireless security technology. With advanced features, unmatched reliability, and robust security, PowerG ensures that your home or business remains secure at all times. Don’t compromise on your security—opt for PowerG and enjoy ultimate peace of mind.

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