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Do you ever wonder what happens when your security camera detects suspicious activity? While footage can be invaluable for reviewing incidents after the fact, wouldn’t it be even better to deter potential intruders in the moment?’s Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds feature empowers you to do just that, adding an extra layer of security to your home. This blog post will explain how Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds work and how they can benefit your security system.

What are Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds?

Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds (ATWS) is a feature available for compatible video cameras. When your security system is armed and your camera detects motion, a pre-recorded warning sound can be played directly through the camera’s speaker.

This sound can be a siren, a barking dog, or even a customized message—the choice is yours! The sudden and unexpected noise can startle potential intruders and deter them from entering your property.

Benefits of Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds

  • Deter Crime: The unexpected noise can scare away potential intruders, preventing them from breaking into your home in the first place.
  • Increase Awareness: The warning sound can alert you and your neighbors to suspicious activity, allowing for a quicker response.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your system has an extra layer of deterrence can provide peace of mind, especially when you’re away from home.

Using Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds

The functionality of Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds can vary slightly depending on your specific camera model and system setup. However, here’s a general overview of how to use it:

  1. Ensure Compatibility: Verify that your video camera model supports Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds.
  2. Access System Settings: Log in to your app or web interface and navigate to your camera settings.
  3. Activate and Customize: Locate the Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds option and activate it. You may also be able to choose from pre-recorded sounds or upload your own custom message.


  • ATWS will trigger the existing MTWS UI (Monitoring Trouble Warning Sounds) on the live view page for affected cameras. This means you’ll see a visual notification alongside the warning sound.
  • You can cancel all camera deterrence responses at once by clearing/canceling the system alarm from the customer website, customer app, or by entering the disarm code into the panel.
  • The ATWS will last for 5 minutes or until canceled.


  • A security system service package with panel/InApp panics enabled.
  • Any video service package with the Non-doorbell Audio add-on enabled. This means your camera needs to have the ability to transmit audio, not just record it.
  • A compatible video device with firmware version
    • ADC-V515 with firmware version*
    • ADC-V523/523X
    • ADC-V724/724X
    • ADC-VC728PF
    • ADC-VC727P
    • Note: While most cameras that support this feature also support Two-Way Audio, the ADC-V515 does not support Two-Way Audio through the customer website.
  • A panel that supports alarm events – This means your control panel needs to be able to communicate these events to your cameras.

Supported alarm event types

  • InAppPolicePanic – This is a police panic initiated from the app.
  • PolicePanicPendingAlarm – This indicates a pending police panic that has not yet transitioned to a full alarm.
  • TamperAlarm – This is triggered when tampering is detected on your security system.
  • TamperPendingAlarm – Similar to PolicePanicPendingAlarm, this signifies pending tamper notification before transitioning to a full alarm.
  • KeypadTamperAlarm – This specifically refers to tampering detected on your keypad.
  • AuxPanicPendingAlarm – This indicates a pending auxiliary panic triggered from your system, likely through a connected device.

Alarm-Triggered Warning Sound Behaviors

The behavior of the ATWS varies depending on the phase of your security system’s alarm cycle:

  • Entry Delay (Duration: 30 seconds): During this initial 30-second window, the system waits for you to disarm the panel using the correct code. The camera remains silent in this phase to avoid disturbing you or raising unnecessary alarms if you’re simply entering your home.
  • Dialer Delay (Duration: 30 seconds): This 30-second period follows the entry delay. If you disarm the system during this time using the correct code, no alarm is sent to the central monitoring station. Again, the camera stays silent since the threat is resolved.
  • Full Alarm (Duration: N/A): If you don’t disarm the system within the allotted time or enter an incorrect code, the system enters full alarm mode. Here, the camera plays a crucial role by immediately beginning to play the pre-recorded or custom warning sound you’ve chosen. This sudden and unexpected noise can startle potential intruders and deter them from entering your property. The warning sound will continue to play until the alarm is canceled.
  • Canceled Alarm (Duration: N/A): If you disarm the system and cancel the alarm using the correct code, the system recognizes it as a canceled alarm. In this scenario, the camera stops playing the warning sounds, indicating that the threat has been addressed.

Important Note

While Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds can be a valuable deterrent, it’s important to use them responsibly. Consider local noise ordinances and avoid using overly disruptive sounds that could disturb your neighbors.


Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds is a powerful feature that can significantly enhance your home security. By deterring potential intruders and increasing awareness, it can help prevent break-ins and keep your loved ones safe. If you’re interested in learning more about Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds or have questions about your security system, contact Go Safer Security, your trusted security provider. We can help you ensure your home is protected with a customized security solution that includes cameras and features like Alarm-Triggered Warning Sounds. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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