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Surviving Submerged Vehicles
Surviving Submerged Vehicles


In light of the recent Francis Scott Key Bridge tragedy in Baltimore, road safety and emergency preparedness have become paramount concerns. This blog aims to provide essential insights into surviving submerged vehicles, drawing inspiration from the unfortunate incident and focusing on equipping drivers with critical guidance. By examining the lessons learned from the bridge collapse and emphasizing the use of technology for enhanced safety, this blog seeks to offer actionable advice for drivers navigating potential hazards on the road.

Understanding the Risk: The Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore serves as a sobering reminder of the unpredictable dangers of road emergencies. This disaster underscores the importance of drivers’ awareness of potential hazards and the need for proactive safety measures in similar situations.

Escaping Submerged Cars: Essential Tips for Survival

Recent tragic events highlight the critical need for understanding survival strategies in the event of a submerged vehicle. Here are essential tips for escaping from a submerged car:

Recognize the Urgency: Passengers have only about one minute to escape a sinking vehicle. Remember the SWOC acronym: Seat belts off, Windows open, Out immediately, Children first.

Act Quickly: Swift action is essential. Open the window within 10 to 15 seconds of submersion and exit the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Prepare for Emergencies: Maintain composure and control your breath. Understand the 1-10-1 principle for regaining control of breathing and making meaningful movement.
Use Tools and Techniques: Know the location of window-breaking tools and secure loose garments to aid in escape.

Leveraging Technology for Safety

Connected cars offer significant advancements in road safety, providing real-time information and alerts to drivers. This technology can enhance emergency response, pedestrian safety, driver feedback, and traffic management.

The Role of Connected Car Devices

Go Safer Security’s Connected Car device plays a crucial role in providing real-time assistance and alerts in emergency situations, including those involving submerged vehicles. By leveraging this technology, drivers can have immediate access to emergency services and support systems, enhancing road safety.

Practical Advice for Enhanced Road Safety

In the aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge tragedy, drivers should prioritize road safety and emergency preparedness. Regular vehicle maintenance, avoiding distractions, staying informed about weather and road conditions, and proactive preparedness are essential for safer driving.


By learning from recent incidents, focusing on survival techniques, and leveraging advanced technology, drivers can mitigate risks on the road and ensure safety for themselves and others. Stay alert, prepared, and connected to navigate challenging situations and enhance road safety in our communities.

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