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How a Fob Key System Can Improve Your Home Security

Having the latest diy security system for your home is essential for keeping your family and belongings safe. A fob key system is a great addition to any home security system that provides an extra layer of protection and convenience.

In this article, we will explore how a fob key system can improve your home security and provide added peace of mind. We will look at the different types of fob key systems, their advantages, and how they can be used to further enhance the security of your home. By investing in a fob key system, you can be confident that your home is well-protected and your family is safe.

What is a Fob Key System?

Fob key systems are unique lock systems that don’t have keys in the traditional sense. Rather, they operate remotely—hence, the name key fob system.

Fob key systems are perfect for homeowners who want extra security in their homes. If someone doesn’t have your fob key, they can’t get into your house and steal your valuables. Fob key systems are also great for those who want to provide their family members with easy access to the house while still maintaining security. Fob key systems can be both active and passive. Active fob key systems require the user to press a button on the fob to open the door, while passive systems simply require the user to be in the vicinity of the door.

Improving Physical Security with Fob Key Systems: A Guide for Homeowners

When we talk about home protection, we’re starting from the basic. We install secure, in-expensive locks on our doors, use sensor lights in the garden to prevent them from coming on when it’s dark and fit all doors and windows with reliable alarms. While these are things most of us do in the first hour of moving into a house, there are further steps you can take to enhance physical security.

One way to do this is to invest in fob key systems, which allow you more control over who has access to your property. Unless you’re expecting the builders to turn up while you’re out of the house, installing a fob system is a great way to reduce the chances of your front door is easily accessed by an unwelcome guest.

But how do you go about them? We’ve rounded up a guide on how you can get fob systems fitted for your home.

Step 1: Choose the Right Key Fob Entry System

The first step is to choose the right key fob access system for your home. There are several types available, each with its own benefits. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Keycard systems: A keycard system is the most common type of fob system. It requires a card to be inserted into a reader to access the property.

  • Biometric systems: Biometric systems are more secure than keycard systems, as they require a fingerprint, palm print, or retinal scan to open the door.

  • Radiofrequency identification systems: These systems use a key fob that transmits a signal to a reader to open the door.

  • Bluetooth systems: Bluetooth systems use a phone or other device to unlock its signal to a reader to open the door.

Step 2: Have the System Installed

Once you’ve chosen a fob system suitable for your needs, you’ll need to have it installed by a professional. The installation process will vary depending on the type of system you’ve selected but generally involves mounting the reader, wiring it up, and programming the system.  

Step 3: Program the System

Once the system is installed, you’ll need to program it to allow the right people access. Depending on the type of system you’re using, this can involve assigning access cards, issuing keys, setting up biometric readers, or programming RFID fobs. You should also set up any necessary protocols for adding or removing access rights.

Step 4: Regularly Monitor and Maintain the System

Finally, it’s important to regularly monitor and maintain your fob access control system. This may include regularly checking logs to ensure that only authorized people are accessing the premises, updating access rights as needed, and ensuring that the system is working correctly. Regular maintenance and monitoring will help ensure that your access control system is secure and reliable.

7 Reasons Why Fob Key Systems are Better Than Traditional Keys for Home Security

Key fobs are smaller, more convenient, and have less of a security risk. Here are 7 reasons why key fobs are better than traditional keys for home security:

  1. The key fob entry systems are tiny and won’t fit easily into a criminal’s pocket.

  2. If a criminal does obtain one, the fob can be tracked immediately via the mobile app.

  3. The fob system of entry is more secure since it’s unlikely that people will be carrying hundreds of keys around with them (so they can’t easily copy your key).

  4. The fob system can also help you monitor who has access to your home.

  5. Fob systems are more affordable than traditional key systems (especially if you opt for smart fobs).

  6. Fob systems are also more secure in the event of a power outage since a traditional key wouldn’t be able to lock or unlock a door.

  7. Fob systems also eliminate the risk of losing a key or having it stolen, since you don’t need to worry about finding a replacement.

Swipe, Scan, and Secure: Understanding the Different Types of Key Fob Systems for Home Security and Their Benefits and Drawbacks

Remote codes, fobs, and key cards are often used interchangeably, but they’re all slightly different. Primarily, remote codes let you use one code to unlock multiple locks, fobs just unlock one specific lock and key cards require a separate keycard for each lock.

Remote codes are great for homeowners who want a unified code to unlock things like their house and car and don’t want to carry around multiple keys.

Fobs and key cards allow for greater access control, allowing you to give specific people access.

Check them out below, before you decide on which one will fit your home security needs best:

Remote Codes:
Remote codes provide a single code that can be used to unlock multiple locks. They are generally more secure than fobs or key cards and provide a greater level of control over who has access to your home. They also tend to be more affordable than other options. The downside to remote codes is that if someone else knows the code, they can access your home.

 Fobs: Fobs are small devices that are used to unlock a specific lock. They are generally more secure than key cards, as they require physical contact with the lock in order to unlock it. They are also more affordable than remote codes and key cards. The downside is that if someone else gets access to the fob, they can use it to unlock the lock.

Key Cards: Key cards are plastic cards that are used to unlock a specific lock. They are generally more secure than fobs and remote codes, as they require physical contact with the lock in order to unlock it. They are also more expensive than other options. The downside is that if someone else gets access to the card, they can use it to unlock the lock.

How Keyless Access Control System Can Help Prevent Break-ins

If you have been thinking about investing in Keyless access control systems for your home, it is important to know that they have several important benefits. Knowing that a Keyless access control system is able to help protect your home from break-ins, break-in attempts, or break-in attempts, can help you decide if this is something that you can benefit from.

With Keyless access control systems, you can make sure that your home’s entry points are being properly, and securely monitored at all times. You can monitor which employees, family members, or strangers are able to enter different parts of your home.

This can help you prevent people from going places in your home that they shouldn’t, or from going into your home that they should not. If your home currently has deadbolts, but you do not have keyless access control systems installed, you should seriously consider installing one.

In addition to helping prevent break-ins, Keyless access control systems can also help to make sure that your home is secure in case of a fire, flood, or other natural disasters. Many of these systems can be programmed to automatically lock doors, turn on lights, and turn off appliances in the event of an emergency.

Finally, if you want to add an extra layer of security to your home, you can install motion sensors with your Keyless access control system. This will help you detect any suspicious activity and alert you if someone is attempting to enter your home. This can help you catch unwanted visitors or intruders before they have a chance to do any damage or steal any of your valuables.

Key Fob System: Cost and Maintenance

A fob key system means that all of the locks in your home are wirelessly linked to a single key fob. You can unlock or open any door with a single key, giving you the freedom to go to any room in the house that you want.

But a fob key system isn’t just convenient. It’s also secure. Without a key, it’s nearly impossible to lock yourself out of your home. Whenever the key fob is out of range, the door locks itself!

A fob key system also won’t require drilling holes in your walls to put locks on (unless you want to). Each lock merely has to be programmed to recognize its ‘master’ key-fob, which we call a ‘fob key.’ Some fob key systems even work with your existing locks, allowing you to use the same keys that you currently have.

While a fob key system is sound, in theory, there are a lot of cons too. The biggest cons are the price and maintenance costs. Every single lock in the house must be programmed (and re-coded) to work with the single fob key. After that, you’re stuck with a single key fob that you can lose, meaning you’d have to replace every single lock in your home.

Plus, older locks won’t work with a fob key system. Most locks made since the 1990s aren’t compatible. Luckily, most houses old enough to have a fob key system also have a deadbolt lock, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about buying new locks or re-keying your entire house. So, while a fob key system may sound great in theory, it can be a lot of extra work, money, and hassle to set up and maintain.


In conclusion, we have learned that a key fob system can be an efficient and effective tool to improve the security of your home. With key fob systems, you can easily manage access and restrict entry to certain areas, ensuring that your loved ones and your valuable possessions are safe and secure.

At Go Safer Security, we understand that the safety of your home and family is of utmost importance. Our expert team specializes in providing customized security solutions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Whether you require a key fob access system, a mobile access control system, or a traditional lock, our team can provide the preventative security measures that your home needs to mitigate risks and keep your loved ones safe.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – take action now and improve the security of your home with Go Safer Security. Contact us today to discuss your security needs and get a customized security solution that fits your budget and meets your needs. Let us help protect the things that matter most to you.


The acronym “FOB” stands for “Frequency Operated Button” and is used in keyless entry systems. It’s a device used to gain access to access controls, such as doors, gates, and other entry points. FOBs are especially popular for businesses that need to control access to certain areas.

They are also used in homes to secure entry points. FOBs are a convenient way to control access to secure areas, as they require no physical keys to access the entry point. They are also safer than traditional keys, as they can’t be easily duplicated or stolen. With FOBs, businesses and homeowners can rest assured that their access controls are secure and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

An example of a key fob is an RFID (radio-frequency identification) key fob. Key fobs are used in key card access systems, which are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial buildings. Key card systems utilize RFID technology to allow easy access to buildings, while also providing an extra layer of security.

Key fobs are programmed to allow access to specific areas, as well as to control access times. They are small, portable, and convenient, making them a great choice for those who need secure access to a building or area.

Yes. Key fobs are part of access control systems that allow keyless entry using an access code, so they don’t require a physical key.

Modern key fob access control systems are reliable and secure, and they offer a convenient, keyless access solution for homes and businesses. They are easy to use and can be programmed to provide access for a single user or multiple users.

The key fob is a great way to secure your property, and with the right system in place, you can enjoy the convenience of keyless entry without the worry of losing a key.

When choosing an RFID control system, it is important to consider the size of the facility, the number of readers needed, the type of data being tracked, and the budget. To learn more about selecting the right RFID control system, read our blog post at from the link at the first part sentence for expert tips and advice.

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